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The Foundation for Advanced Computer Studies


Cooperative Relationship

The Cooperative Relationship Net4Work coordinates a number of projects related to ICT technologies and their use in various business models.

Voice Biometrics Authentication Platform. A project to create an open platform allowing for voice authentication services with the use of advanced voice biometrics technologies.

Partners: Algotech Polska Sp. z o.o., Dotpay S.A., mPay S.A., Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research Sp. z o.o., Disruptive Concepts Sp. z o.o., the Warsaw University of Technology

Innovations in Cashless Transactions. The idea behind this project is to fully leverage the potential of mobile payments, including mobile POS terminals to provide benefits to all stakeholders in the process, including acceptants, authorization agents and the IT and science community.

Partners: Dotpay S.A., mPay S.A., Fastino Sp. z o.o., Foundation for the Development of Cashless Transactions, the Polish Bank Association, the Warsaw University of Technology.

FACS Foundation is the coordinator of the Net4Work Cooperative Relationship. The Cooperative Relationship was established in the 2nd of February 2009. It is a voluntary agreement between enterprises, research and development units and institutions supporting business development.

The Net4Work Cooperative Relationship was established by: