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Voice Biometrics Authentication Platform

In today's rapidly evolving world consumers are forced to memorize an increasing number of passwords, PIN numbers or codes needed to verify and access to protected data. A key aspect of remote access to data and services development is technology that will increase safety and decrease costs of processing queries.

Mobile telephony development poses new challenges for customer service providers and retail businesses. One of the pressing issues is the authentication of personal data by phone on the basis of declared identity. Systems available today are imperfect and do not prevent the fraud carried out by telephone.

Voice Biometrics Authentication Platform allows to authenticate people by telephone on the basis of their voice using voice biometrics technology. The system will return a positive or negative outcome of the review. The result of verification will be forwarded to the client computer system of biometric platform, which will be used to authorize a transaction. Thanks to the Voice Biometrics Authentication Platform it will be possible to create new services.

Platform will allow easy access to previously unavailable services for many businesses. On the basis of the platform are likely to arise new entities that will use this functionality for expanding the market of mobile services, electronic payment or non-finance transactions authorization.

Any entities will be able to use the platform - this proven and effective technology functioning in the world for several years but has not yet been implemented for the mass user.

Process innovation will find its use among service providers such as payment authorization and internet transactions.

Voice biometrics has already been used throughout the world. Also in Poland is developing at a dynamic pace. In the media there are more and more publications on voice biometrics, especially to be recommended one of them is the affiliate blog: